7.62cm FK 296(r) auf 5t Zugkraftwagen Sd.Kfz.6

7.62cm FK 296(r) auf 5t Zugkraftwagen Sd.Kfz.6 (early)
7.62cm Pak 36(r) auf 5t Zugkraftwagen "Diana" Sd.Kfz.6/3 (late)

Diana in North Africa
Diana in North Africa

This vehicles was standard Sd.Kfz.6 mounted with an armored superstructure at the rear,housing captured Soviet 76.2mm M1936 field gun. The gun was designated by the Germans as76.2mm FK 36(r) / 76.2mm FK 295(r) / 76.2mm Pak 36(r). Conversion took place in 1941 and 9 vehicles designated as 7.62cm Pak 36(r) auf 5t Zugkraftwagen "Diana" were made.From January to February of 1942, all were issued to 605th Panzerjaegerabteilung serving in North Africa.


Weight: 10150kg (early)
11200kg (late)
Crew: 5 men (early)
6 men (late)
Engine: Maybach HL54TUKRM / 6-cylinder / 115hp
Speed: Road: 50km/h
Cross-Country: –km/h
Range: Road: 222km / Cross-Country: 112km (early)
Road: 317km / Cross-Country: —km (late)
Fuel Capacity: — litres
Lenght: 6.10m (early)
6.33m (late)
Width: 2.22m (early)
2.26m (late)
Height: 3.05m (early)
2.98m (late)
Armament: 76.2mm FK 296(r) (early)
76.2mm Pak 36(r) L/51 (late)
Ammo: 76.2mm – 64-100 rounds
Armor: 3-5mm (early)
10mm (late)

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