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Patton Museum Online

Website of The Patton Museum of Cavalry and Armor.

AFV NEWS – Tanks & Armor Page *****

AFV NEWS Magazine’s Website by George Bradford. Great source for informations about various AFVs from all around the world.

Technical Virtue ****

This website is dedicated to examining the plethora of advanced, amazing, impractical, or just plain odd AFV designs developed by Germany during World War II.

U.S. Army Ordnance Museum at Aberdeen Proving Ground

U.S. Army Ordnance Museum at Aberdeen Proving Ground.

The Tank Museum, Bovington.

The Tank Museum, Bovington.

Jagdpanther’s Tank Page ****

Really good site dealing with German, Soviet, British and American armor of World War II.

Clarence’s Panzer Page ***

Website about famous German tanks of World War II.

HevyDuty’s Armor Page ***

This site is dedicated to modern tanks such as M1A1 Abrams Tank.

Armour at Parola Armour Museum ****

Many interesting color photos of various AFVs and other equipment.

The Armoured Web Site *****

Very interesting website dealing with World War I and World War II tanks and armored cars.

Erwin’s Military & Panzer Page ****

This website deals with German Panzers and engagements of the German Army during World War II.

Panzer Gruppe ****

This website is intended to be a tank and wargaming site. You can find there photos of the goodies at Aberdeen and other tank places.

Rob’s Panther Page *****

Operational History Of The Panther – Great Page !!!

Panzerdiesel ****

Great website dealing with Panzers and their employment (mostly in German).

Hanomag Sd.Kfz.251 ****

The SdKfz 251 in the perspective of World War II – Great Page !

Panzergrenadier *****

This site was created to provide various information about motorization of German infantry and grenadier during World War II.

The Russian Battlefield ****

Website about Russian military equipment of WWII.


Tanks On The Prowl ****

Excellent site with WWII armor profiles and Italian engagements of the war.

Panzer Werke ****

Homepage dedicated to the Panzer assembly lines.

Historische Militärfahrzeugtechnik *****

Technisch-historische Dokumentationen deutscher Militärfahrzeuge.

The Kübelwagen Site ***

Very interesting site about Kübelwagen.

Panzerfaust *****

WW II German Infantry Anti-Tank Weapons – Excellent !

Sherman Register *****

Website about the Sherman M4 Medium Tank series and their related AFVs.

Kampfpanzer der Schweizer Armee ****

Interesting page about Swiss Armor and Tank-Museum in Thun.

Ben Halligan’s Home Page ****

Website about internation armor with focus on Irish armor.

Panzer-Das Weblexikon ****

Website about German, Russian, French, American and British AFVs of WWII.

Technical Panzer Archives ***

Reference page for German Armoured Fighting Vehicles of World War II.

Kampfpanzer ***

German website about WWII and post-war tanks.

Scott Cunningham’s Armor in Action ****

Collection of few hundred photos taken over the last 11 years in the military from the US to Germany, to Kuwait.

Australian Tank Deployment ****

Australian tank deployment in the pacific theatre of war.

Thomas’s Home Page ***

Great site about German AFVs with technical archives, modelling section and glossary.

German World War II Prime Movers and Halftracks ***

German World War II Prime Movers and Halftracks.

Tanks in World War 2 ***

Website about tanks of WWII in Slovak, German and English.

Tank in 3D Models Club ***

Armoured vehicles of times the World War I and II. 3D models & Illustrations. History!

Panzermuseum Munster *****

Der Homepage vom Panzermuseum Munster !

Les Panzers Divisions – Heer et Waffen SS

French website about Panzer divisions of both Heer and Waffen SS.

Die deutsche Wehrmacht 1939-1945

Die deutsche Wehrmacht 1939-1945.

Pansarmuseet Axvall

Website of the Axvall Pansarmuseum in Sweden.

La Seconde Guerre Mondiale

Images des armes, vehicules de la seconde guerre mondiale, long a charger, mais en vaut la peine.

A library of information for modellers about the Tiger 1E, and a workbench where a virtual Tiger is under construction.

Austrian Steyr

Very interesting website about vehicles produced by Austrian automaker Steyr.

Polish Armor
Polish Armor

Garaz Pelen Zabytków

Virtual Museum of Vehicles (Polish & English).

Finnish WWII Armor

Reference-pictures of vehicles and equipment used by the Finnish Armoured Forces during WWII.

Panzers ! "Le Mythe"

Chars allemands de la deuxième guerre mondiale.


The technical information and the history of weapons.

NSU Kettenkrad Homepage

Website about NSU Kettenkrad in English and German.

Military Vehicles Sold/Imported/Exchanged.

AAF Tank Museum

American Armoured Foundation, Inc., Tank and Ordnance War Memorial Museum.

Armour Museum Saumur

Official Website of Armour Museum Saumur in France.

Imperial Japanese Army Page

All about Japanese Army of WWII with focus on AFVs.

M151-A2 M.U.T.T

Military Utility Tactical Truck Group in Venezuela.

C15TA aka mosegris

The site is dedicated to the Canadian C15TA armoured truck.

Kantyna Wojenna

Polish Website about German AFVs of World War II.

Wehrtechnische Studiensammlung Koblenz

Panzer und andere Fahrzeuge der Wehrtechnische Studiensammlung Koblenz.

Armour Page

Website about German WWII AFVs in Spanish.

Tiger Tank

Website about Tiger tank family.

Cobbaton Combat Collection

This military museum covers mostly WWII, but with exhibits from the Boer War up to the Gulf War.

Battle Tanks

Collection of information and photos of most of the major tanks of the leading countries from WWII to the present time.

Blitzkrieg on line homepage

Italian website about German and Italian armor.

Armor Foto

A photo gallery of Battle Tanks, Tracked vehicles and Artillery.

blindés français des origines à nos jours

All about the French Armored Fighting Vehicles.

Panzer Vor !

Chinese website about German Panzers.

History of Panzer Held Ernst Barkmann.
History of Panzer Held Ernst Barkmann.

Tank Museum in Kubinka

Military-Historical Museum of Armored Vehicles and Equipment.

Panzer Page
Panzer Page

AFV Database

AFV Database – All Nations !

Armor Foto

Armor Foto is a photo gallery of military vehicles.

The War and Peace

Beltring 2002 – the world’s largest military vehicle event!


French website about Sturmgeschutz.

King Tiger

Hungarian page about the King tiger.

Panther 222

This site is dedicated to the restoration of the panther tank with unit code 222, now on display at the National War and Resistance museum, Overloon, the Netherlands.

Tiger Tank H- E-181

Detailed website about Tiger I.

Panzerkampfwagen Tiger 181 E

Plans, Technical Drawings and Illustrations prepared from Manuals.

Arcane Fighting Vehicles

This site aims to provide information on less known British tracked armoured fighting vehicles.

Panzer units in the OZAK

Website of a great book about AFVs used by OZAK – the north-eastern border regions of Italy and parts of present Slovenia and Croatia.

Russian Tanks

Russian battle tanks from 1915 to 1996.

Tiger I Information Center

PanzerKampfwagen VI: The legendary Tiger I.

Mala Historia Panzerwaffe

Polish Website about Panzerwaffe.

A new series of books from Bill Auerbach and Lee Archer.

Operacja Grupa ÅšlÄ…sk

Zlot pojazdów militarnych i terenowych (Poland).

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