German Artillery of World War II – Heavy Artillery

150mm K 16

150mm K 18

150mm K 39

150mm Schiffskanone C/28 in Moerserlafette

150mm Hochdruckpumpe

170mm K 18 in Moerserlafette

Lange 210mm Moerser

210mm Moerser 18

210mm K38 L/55.5

210mm K39

210mm K39/40 L/45

210mm K52 L/52

220mm K 532(f) L/34.9 (Schneider – French)

240mm K L/46

240mm K3 L/54.6

240mm K 4

240mm K(t) L/40 (Skoda – Czechoslovak)

240mm K 556(f) L/29 (St.Chamond – French)

244 or 240mm H39/40 L/28 (Czechoslovak)

280mm Kuesten Haubitze L/12

420mm Haubitze (t) L/15 (Skoda – Czechoslovak)

280mm Moerser 601(f) L/12 (Schneider – French)

305mm Moerser (t) L/12

355mm M1 L/28.8

420mm "Gamma" Moerser L/18

041 540mm Moerser "Karl-Geraet" L/11.5

040 600mm Moerser "Karl-Geraet" L/8.44

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