German Artillery of World War II – Heavy Field Guns

100mm sK 18 L/52

100 or 105mm sK 18/40 (42) L/60

105mm K 331(f) L/28.4 (Schneider – French)

105mm K 332(f) L/37.6 (French)

105mm K 35(t) L/42 (Czechoslovak)

122mm K 390(r) L/46 (Russian)

128mm K 44 L/50

128mm K 81 / K 81/1 / K 81/2 L/50

145mm K 405(f) L/50.8 (St.Chamond – French)

150mm K 16 L/43

150mm K 18 L/55

150mm K 39 L/55

150mm Schiffkanone C/28 (SKC) L/55.6

150mm SKC 28 Moerserlafette L/55.6

152mm K 438(r) (M1910/30 – Russian)

155mm K 416(f) L/31.9 (French)

155mm K 418(f) L/38.2 (French)

152mm KH 433/1(r) L/29 (M1937 – Russian)

152mm K 433/2(r) L/29 (M1910/34 – Russian)

170mm K 18 Moerserlafette L/50

203mm Haubitze 503(r) (M1931 – Russian)

210mm Langer Moerser L/14.5

210cm Moerser 18 L/31

210mm Kurz Moerser(t) L/16 (Czechoslovak)

210mm Haubitze 520(i) (Ansaldo – Italian)

220mm Haubitze (t) (Skoda – Czechoslovak)

220mm Moerser 531(f) L/10.3 (Schneider – French)

122mm sFH 396(r) L/22.7 (Russian)

150mm sFH 13 L/17

150mm sFH 18 L/29.5

150mm sFH 36 L/23.7

150mm sFH 40 L/32.5 (w/o a muzzle break) / L/36 (with a muzzle break)

150mm sFH 18/40

150mm sFH 42 L/32.5 (w/o a muzzle break) / L/36 (with a muzzle break)

150mm sFH 43

150mm sFH 18/43

150mm sFH 14/16(t) L/14.1 (Skoda – Czechoslovak)

150mm sFH 25(t) L/18 (Skoda – Czechoslovak)

150mm sFH 37(t) (Skoda – Czechoslovak)

152mm sFH 443(r) (M43 – Russian)

155mm sFH 414(f) L/15.3 (Schneider – French)

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