German Artillery of World War II – Light Field Guns

75mm FK 16 nA

75mm leFK 18 L/26

75mm FK 38 L/34

75mm FK 7M 85 L/43

75mm FK 7M 59 L/46

75mm FK 30(t) (Skoda – Czechoslovak)

75mm FK 231(f) / FK 97(f) (Schneider – French)

75mm FK 237(i) (German Krupp – Italian)

75mm FK 244(i) (French Deport – Italian)

75mm FK 248(i) (Ansaldo – Italian)

75mm leFH 255(i) (Ansaldo – Italian)

75mm FK 02/26(p) (modified Russian 00/02 – Polish)

75mm FK 295/1(r) L/30 (02/30 – Russian)

75mm FK 295/2(r) L/40 (02/30 – Russian)

75mm FK 296(r) (76-36 – Russian)

100mm leFH 14/19(t) (Skoda -Czechoslovak)

100mm leFH 30(t) (Skoda – Czechoslovak)

105mm leFH 16 L/22

105mm leFH 18 L/28

105mm leFH 18M L/31

105mm leFH 18/40 L/31

105mm leFH 18/39

105mm leFH 18/42

105mm leFH 42 L/31

105mm leFH 43 L/30

105mm leFH 324(f) (Schneider – French)

105mm leFH 325(f) (Schneider – French)

100mm K 17

105mm le K 41

105mm K 331(f) (Schneider – French)

105mm K 333(b) (Schneider – Belgian)

105mm K 338(i) (Schneider – Italian)

105mm K 338(j) (Schneider – Yugoslavian)

105mm K 13 (p) (Schneider – Polish)

105mm K 29 (p) (Schneider – Polish)

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