German Artillery of World War II – Mortars

37mm leGr Wr 152(f) (French)

45mm leGr Wr 176(i) (Brixia – Italian)

46mm leGr Wr 31(p) (Polish)

50mm leGr Wr 201(b) (Belgian)

50mm leGr Wr 202(e) (British)

50mm leGr Wr 203(f) (French)

50mm leGr Wr 205/1(r) (PM 38 – Russian)

50mm leGr Wr 205/2(r) (PM 39 – Russian)

50mm leGr Wr 205/3(r) (PM 40 – Russian)

50mm leGr Wr 200(r) (PM 41 – Russian)

50mm leGr Wr 208(r) (Russian)

50mm leGr Wr 36

60mm Gr Wr 225(f) (French)

75mm Gr Wr 229(j) (Yugoslavian)

80mm Gr Wr 34

80mm Gr Wr 28(p) (Polish)

81mm Gr Wr 274(d) (Dutch)

82mm Gr Wr 274/1(r) (PM 36 – Russian)

82mm Gr Wr 274/2(r) (PM 37 – Russian)

82mm Gr Wr 274/3(r) (PM 41 – Russian)

81mm Gr Wr 278(h) (Dutch)

81mm Gr Wr 279(h) (Dutch)

81mm Gr Wr 286(f) (Brandt – French)

81mm Gr Wr 286(h) (Dutch)

90mm Gr Wr 309(j) (Yugoslavian)

100mm Nebelwerfer 35

100mm Nebelwerfer 40

107mm Gebirgsgranatwerfer 328(r) (PBMH 38 – Russian)

120mm sGr Wr 42

120mm sGr Wr 378(r) (HM 38 – Russian)

120mm sGr Wr 379(r) (HM 43 – Russian)

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