German Artillery of World War II – Railway Artillery

150mm K(E) L/40

170mm K(E) L/40

194mm K(E) 486(f) or 93(f) L/30.4 (Schneider – French)

200mm K(E) L/60

210mm K 12(E) L/158

240mm "Theodor Bruno" K(E) L/35

240mm "Theodor" K(E) L/40

274mm K(E) 592(f) L/46.7 (Schneider – French)

280mm "Kurz Bruno" K(E) L/40

280mm "Lang Bruno" K(E) L/45

280mm "Schwere Bruno" K(E) L/45

280mm "Neue Bruno" K(E) L/58

280mm K5(E) "Leopold" L/78 [Leopold at the Aberdeen Ordnance Musuem gallery]

340mm Kanone GI (E) 673(f) L/47.3 (French)

340mm Kanone W (E) 673(f) L/47.3 ( French)

370mm Haubitze (E) 711(f) L/26.6

380mm "Siegfried" K(E) L/52

400mm "Adolf" K(E) L/50

40mm Haubitze (E) 752(f) L/26.6 (French)

520mm Haubitze (E) 871(f) L/16 (Schneider – French)

800mm "Dora" K(E) L/40

800mm "Gustav" K(E)

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