Maschinengewehrkraftwagen Kfz.13

Maschinengewehrkraftwagen (Kfz.13)
Funkkraftwagen (Kfz.14)

Maschinengewehrkraftwagen (Kfz.13)
Maschinengewehrkraftwagen (Kfz.13)

Both vehicles were designed as reconnaissance vehicles based on standard Adler 4×4 passenger car chassis mounted with lightly armored open top body. Maschinengewehrkraftwagen (Kfz.13) was armed with single machine gun mounted behind the protective shield. Funkkraftwagen (Kfz.14) was fitted with long range radio equipment and frame antenna and served as wireless radio car. Both were issued to Aufklarungs (reconnaissance) detachments from 1932 onwards and remained in service in limited numbers until 1941, taking part in both Polish and French Campaign. Both vehicles were not suited for combat but proved valuable for training purposes. Both vehicles were interim solutions with passenger car origin and its poor cross-country performance. From 1932 to 1934, Daimler-Benz produced only 147 Kfz.13 and 40 Kfz.14 on chassis supplied by Adlerwerke. Armor bodies were produced by Deutsche Edelstahlwerke AG in Hannover-Linden.


Weight: 2100kg
Crew: 2 men (Kfz.13)
3 men (Kfz.14)
Engine: Adler Standard 2.9l / 6-cylinder / 60hp
Speed: Road: 70km/h
Cross-Country: –km/h
Range: Road: 300km
Cross-Country: —km
Fuel Capacity: — litres
Lenght: 4.20m
Width: 1.70m
Height: 1.46m
Armament: 7.92mm MG13 / MG34 (Kfz.13)
Ammo: 7.92mm – 1000 rounds
Armor: 8mm

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