Mercedes-Benz L 1500 A

Mercedes-Benz L 1500 A
Mercedes-Benz L 1500 A

Mercedes-Benz L 1500 A was based on chassis of 1.5 ton truck.It was fitted with body to transport 7 people and was to act as an infantry transport. The vehicle was classified as Class 1500vehicle same as Steyr 1500 A. From 1941 to 1943, some 4900 L 1500 Ainfantry transports were produced.


Weight: 2390kg
Crew: 2 + 7 men
Engine: Daimler-Benz M 159 2.6 Liter / V-6 / 60hp
Speed: Road: 84km/h
Cross-Country: 60km/h
Range: Road: 370km
Cross-Country: 230km
Fuel Capacity: 70 litres
Lenght: 4.930m
Width: 2.050m
Height: 2.225m
Armament: none
Ammo: none
Armor: none

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