Mineräumwagen Sd.Kfz.300
Borgward BI und BII

BI - Sd.Kfz.300
BI - Sd.Kfz.300

BII - Sd.Kfz.300
BII - Sd.Kfz.300


BI was designed in 1939 as an expandable remote controlled mine clearing vehicle. It towed mine detonation rollers.From 1939 to May of 1940, 50 Sd.Kfz.300 BI were produced.

In April of 1940, BII was ordered and it was planned to produce additional 100 BII vehicles starting in July of 1940.

BII was to be larger and powered by 6 cylinder engine but only prototypes were made and issued to Mineraeum-Kompanie.

Also amphibious (swimming) variant of BII, known as Ente (Duck) was produced in prototype form only.

BI was only used in used in field trial tests with Minenraeum-Kompanie and didn’t see actual combat service.

Kleiner Panzer Befehlswagen I (Sd.Kfz.265) were used as radio control vehicles for both BI and BII.


Weight: 1550kg (BI)
2300kg (BII)
Crew: none
Engine: Borgward 4M 1.5 R II / 4-cylinder / 29hp (BI)
Borgward 6M 2.3 RTBV / 6-cylinder / 49hp (BII)
Speed: Road: 5km/h (BI/BII)
Cross-Country: –km/h
Range: Road: 18km (BI) / 30km (BII)
Cross-Country: —km
Fuel Capacity: — litres
Lenght: 1.85m
Width: 0.80m
Height: 0.65m
Armament: none
Ammo: none
Armor: 12mm front plate only / the rest mild steel

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