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Toy Soldier Gallery: http://www.schrepf.com/TSG
Toy Soldier Gallery: http://www.schrepf.com/TSG


Asphalt Blaster

Rock Group of Modellers !

Panzer Front

Official website of Panzer Front game.

Gameseeker Search Engine

Excellent search engine !!!

The Military Network

Everything that has to do with military stuff !

Homepage for members of WSSK

Wasastaden strategy gaming club from Sweden !

Duane’s Militaria Page

Everything you need to know about Militaria Collecting – Great Site !

Tony Matteliano’s Scale Model Bookmarks

Contains many links to military related pages !!!

War, Peace and Security Guide

Worldwide Military Links !

Panzerman’s War Game Page

Wargamming website with many good links !

The Wolf’s Lair

Wargamming website with many good links !

Stuempfle’s Military Miniatures.

Your headquarters for small scale armor, armies and accessories !

The E. Stanley Wright Museum

An excellent website which deals with military history !

The Panzer Page

The Panzer page is dedicated to the serious war gamer and those interested in German WW2 Panzers.

Bunker der Kriegsfuehrung

All Generals are greatly welcome. You can find on this Homepage reports over some Realtime and Turnbased Strategical Games and Updates and Tips. You can find here also PBMail Tournaments for Panzer General and Steel Panther.

Boulder Games

Excellent Wargaming Site !

Wargamers’ Homepages

Great listing of homepages belonging to wargamers.

Battle Group II

If you have an interest in wargaming or WWII history, you may find something of interest there.

Kalannar’s Button-Down Home Page

Star Fleet Battles, Allied/Panzer/Pacific General, and associated rantings.

Live Auction Online

Antique auctions, collectibles, beanie babies, comic book auctions, trading card auctions, stamp auctions, memorabilia, and more!

The Panzer General Zerstorer

Home of the Ultimate Equipment Files. Historical, Accurate, Ballistically Corrected… the best on the Net!

Wood Displays Unlimited

Makers of Military Hardwood Coin Holders.


FireStrike is a software product designed for the wargamer.

Tips, Tricks and Cheats for Panzer General II & People’s General

This page includes tactics and strategy as well as all the tricks.

Biwak Historyczny Warmatowice 1999

Very interesting page about the Napoleonic area !!!

Team Delta

Team Delta is a unique organization of former military personnel that offers military experiences to those seeking the challenge.

The Blitzkrieg Gaming Club

They play wargames over the internet, a primary title they play is East Front and West Front by Talonsoft.

Warrenton Game Club

This is a group of gamers in Northern Virginia that play boardgames, wargames, miniatures and roleplaying games.

Czech Military Resources

Everything you need to know about the Czech Army.


PBEM wargaming site.

The Generals Guild

The leading FREE play by e-mail site that exclusively supports SSI games, including the SP, PG, AG, Pacific General, People’s General, and FG Series of games, and gives out prizes.

Professional Wargamers League

This site will be for the avid wargamer interested in a highly competitive atmosphere and at the same time be rewarded for their generalship on the battlefield.

Fat Weasels Squadron

They play a World War II fighting simulator called Air Warrior III.

Table Top Tactics

21st Century Wargaming.

Totalizator ( Totalisator ) History – A World’s First

History of the invention of the world’s first automatic totalizator in 1913 in Australia.

Axis & Allies HQ

WWII/Axis and Allies Website !

Quigleys’ Down~Under

Resource center for Vietnam veterans as well as all veterans.


Home of Superior War and Strategy Games.

Croatian Military Art

Personal Web Page of Velimir Vuksic.

MiNa’s Combat Mission: Beyond Overlord Page

Page about Combat Mission.

Matrix Games

Creator of great strategy games including SPWAW !


FireStrike is a suite of six programs which used together form a Battle Control System.

Pathfinder Miller’s Battleground Site

Site for the best miniatures game Battleground by Easy Eight Enterprises.

International Historic Films

Military, Political and Social History of the 20th Century.

Grunt’s Military Site

"Grunt" is dedicated to the military and military personnel. It includes details on military rank insignia, medals and ribbons as well as images, forums, military quotes and glossaries.

I Sottomarini Oggi – Submarines Today

Italian website about submarines today.


Online store selling antique and replica arms and armor dating from Roman times through the present day.

Kapitan Panzer

This site is for the PG games fans and for the fans of the military vehicles.

Military Web Line

Internationale Militär Links.

Aviation Military Collectibles

Calendars, Books, Models, T-shirts and much more !


Firearms Technical and Historical Site.

World War II Online – Axis HQ

Axis HQ for World War II Online Game.

"War is Over"

War History (from 1914) & War Games (offline and online).

Casus Belli

WW2, weapons and military history.

Medals for Sale

Various medals for sale.

The Military Book Review

They offer insightful reviews of military history publications.

The Company Painter

We take an ordinary photograph of you on the front page of some of the best known books and magazines of World War 2.

Belgian Gun Collection

More than 1.800 pictures of guns from a private collection.

Blue Max Militaria

Historical 1/6 scale action figures, military books, Zippo lighters, and re-enactment militaria and collectables.

The Military Show

The Military Show is Canada’s Premier Military Show featuring the best exhibits, fantastic products and is the biggest show of its kind in Ontario.

Military Art

Military Art by Synergeez provides a unique touch of framed military art for your home or as a gift for someone special. With over 1,600 images, their military art galleries include assorted US ships, battleships, aircraft carriers, and various US aircraft; including fighters and bombers.

Blue Max Militaria

They offer you the best value for your military collectable needs.

Dansk Panser

Danish homepage about armour in the modern Danish army.


The military directory contains information and resource about military, marine corps, military school, military alumni, unified commands, national guard and others.

Militaria links directory
Militaria links directory

Famous Conflicts

Website about WWI and WWII.

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