Panzerspähwagen Schildkröte I, II und III

Panzerspähwagen Schildkröte I, II und III
Panzerspähwagen Trippel E3 / E3M

Schildkröte III
Schildkröte III

Three prototype four-wheeled amphibious armored cars – Schildkröte (Turtle) I, II and III were designed by Hans Trippel in 1941 and build by Trippelwerke at Molsheim in October of 1942. The Schildkröte series also known as E6 was based on S.G.6 vehicle. The vehicles had good performance on the road and in the water but their overall light construction made them unsuitable to carry any heavier armament or armor protection. At the end of 1942, entire project was cancelled as there were problems in obtaining materials to build the vehicles. In 1943 and 1944, based on Schildkröte III, new Panzerspähwagen Trippel E3 (E = Einheits = Standard) series was built. Only three prototypes were build including single turretless E3M ammunition carrier. In October of 1944, Waffenamt decided that such vehicles were not needed.


Weight: 5000kg (E3)
Crew: - men
Engine: Schildkröte III – Tatra / V-8 air-cooled / 70hp
E3 – Tatra / V-8 air-cooled / 125hp
Speed: Road: –km/h
Cross-Country: –km/h
Range: Road: —km
Cross-Country: —km
Fuel Capacity: — litres
Lenght: 5.18m (E3)
Width: 1.90m (E3)
Height: -.–m
Armament: Schildkröte I – 7.92mm MG81
Schildkröte II – 20mm MG151 & 7.92mm MG34 or 7.92mm MG81 & 7.92mm MG34
Schildkröte III – 20mm MG151
Ammo: 7.92mm – –rounds
20mm – –rounds
Armor: Schildkröte I – 7-7.5mm
Schildkröte II – 10mm
Schildkröte III – 10mm
E3 – 5.5-14.5mm

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