Raupenschlepper Ost RSO

Original RSO by Steyr
Original RSO by Steyr


RSO by Magirus
RSO by Magirus


This was the tracked tractor developed at the same time as the Radschlepper Ost for service in snow and mud conditions of the Eastern Front during the war.

It was developed by Steyr during 1942 and used the transmission of the standard 1 ½ – tonne Truck. The suspension was entirely tracked, though of crude design, which gave rise to excessive vibration in service. The suspension wheels were of steel, without rubber tyres, and springing was by quarter-elliptic leaf springs. Ground clearance was 55cm (21 ½-in), which allowed the vehicle to keep moving in the worst conditions.

RSO tractors were to replace all light halftracked tractors. RSO/01 was produced from 1942 and RSO/03 from 1944. Both types were used to the end of the war. They were mainly used to tow 50mm and 75mm Pak guns, light howitzers and even 88mm Pak 43 guns in Volksgrenadier units. Over 28000 vehicles were produced by Steyr, Klockner-Deutz-Magirus, Wanderer and others from 1942 to 1945. In 1943, RSO was also used as a base for 7.5cm PaK 40/4 auf Raupenschlepper Ost (Selbstfahrlafette) tank destroyer.



Weight: 5200kg (RSO/01)
5500kg (RSO/03)
Crew: 2 men
Engine: Steyr V8 3.5l / 8-cylinder / 85hp (RSO/01)
5.5l / –cyl / 66hp (RSO/03)
Speed: Road: 17.2km/h / Cross-Country: –km/h (RSO/01)
Road: 14km/h / Cross-Country: –km/h (RSO/01)
Range: Road: 250-300km / Cross-Country: —km (RSO/01)
Road: 175km / Cross-Country: —km( RSO/03)
Fuel Capacity: 180 litres (RSO/01)
140 litres (RSO/03)
Lenght: 4.42m
Width: 1.99m
Height: 2.53m
Armament: none
Ammo: none
Armor: none

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