World War II Websites


World War II Study North Africa

Very interesting site which deals with African Campaign (1940-1943). It describes weapons, commanders, tactics and etc.

Alan’s Kursk Page on DialSpace – Kursk – July, 1943

Really good site that deals with one of the biggest operations/battles of World War II.

The 2nd Panzer Division

The 2nd Panzer Division is a member of the Historical Reenactment Society. They are World War II reenactors and they portray a German Panzer Division.

The Historic Iron Cross

Great site which deals with the history of the highest German military award.

My Dad’s Story – Veteran’s Experiences

This website chronicles author’s father’s experiences during World War II, as well as other World War II related informations.

WW2 German Army Reenacting Page.

This page was created to help foster interest and spread information about reenacting the German Army of WW2. The goal is for German reenactors to use this page to share information, photos and stories about their units and experiences. Great Resource !!!

U-boat Net

An excellent website dealing with the history of German U-boots during World War II.

Operation Barbarossa – Eastern Front Combat History 1941-45

This site deals with all aspects of German Invasion of Russia and fighting on the Eastern Front (1941-45). Great resource !!!

Arsenal of Dictatorship

The Arsenal of Dictatorship is created to explore the numerous weapons Nazi Germany had used against the Allies during World War II.

World War II Armed Forces

A very unofficial site dedicated to Orders of Battle and Organizations of the armed forces in World War II – Excellent !

Propaganda Leaflets of WWII

Very interesting website which deals with propaganda material from WWII.

Panzer / Waffen SS

Website with some general info about Panzers and Waffen SS.

Das Reich Homepage

An excellent website dealing the history of 2nd SS Panzer Division.

SS Officer Computer Research

Bernie Brule is a computer professional and militaria collector who has done extensive SS Officer research for writers, historians and collectors.

The Drop Zone Virtual Museum

It’s a great resource for those interested in WWII airborne history.

43rd Sturm Pionier Reenactors Page

Very interesting page about reenacting of this unit – great pictures and info.

They enjoy collecting, and deal in original, common and rare awards and items from both military and civil sectors of the Third Reich period.

World War II Site

This World War II site features, but is not restricted to, a British focus.


German World War II Historical Military Replicas and Books – Excellent !

Ferdinand PorscheÂ’s Europe

This page is for those interested in European travel, specifically to places connected with Ferdinand Porsche.

Adolf Hitler’s Europe

This page is for those interested in European travel, specifically to places connected with the rise and fall of Adolf Hitler.

Netherlands Association Of Slave Laborers – WW II

At this website you will find infomation about the of slave-labor policies and practices of the German occupation forces in the Netherlands during the second world war.

Excellent page dedicated to the "Desert Fox" !

War Albums

In there you will find pages containing war photos from families archives.

Old Eagle’s Posters Archive

War and Propaganda Posters.

The German Afrika Korps

This web page is a comprehensive history of the German Afrika Korps.

WW2 Display Team

World War II Re-enactment Team based in Essex, England.

SS Deutschland

Waffen SS reenactment unit from the New England area.

1st Independent Polish Parachute Brigade

Brigade reenactment unit from Illinois.

9th SS Hohenstaufen

Re-enactors homepage from Central New Jersey and Eastern PA.

BBC Education’s Modern History Site

Excellent learning resource !

Military Memories / German Leaflet – Farewell to Dreams

Very interesting page !

MilSpec Publishing Home Page

They are a service dedicated to providing information and authentic collector items from World War II and the Vietnam War.

Polish Campaign 1939

Polish Army and Wehrmacht’s armament during the Polish Campaign.

In Retrospect: The United States Marine Raiders

Website about US Marine Raiders – very interesting !

The World at War, history of WW 1939-1945

This Web site is intended for enthusiasts of World War II.

World War II on the Web

The purpose of this page is to provide information on World War II of interest to collectors, historians and researchers.

504th WWII Home Page

Website about the 504th PIR 82nd Airborne Division during WW II.

Documentatiegroep ’40-’45 Website

This group, which publishes information about World War II was founded in 1963 by people, who were interested in this war. Some of these are experts/museums, but most of them are collectors. The site is in English and Dutch.

The Battle for Stalingrad

The Turning point on the Eastern Front.

The Military Site

Very interesting site about German Army of WWII and Modern Malaysian Armed Forces.

Armed Forces of World War II

The purpose of this page is to provide some very interesting information on various national armed forces as well as other military organizations / formations from WWII.


The illustrated home of Unterseebootwaffe – The German WWII submarine force.

Sid’s War

From El Alamein to Cassino. The story of an Argyll at War. The war time memories of Pte. Sid Martindale 1st Battalion Argyll Sutherland Highlanders as told in this own words and photos.

The Normandy Campaign 1944

There still remain several large gaps in the knowledge about Normandy and the forces involved in the battle. This site is dedicated to efforts to fill them.

World War II Quotes & Links

World War II quotes and links to some World War II sites.

World War II Links

Excellent collection of links to World War II sites.

Elite Forces of the Third Reich

This website was created to document the elite forces of the Third Reich from 1933-1945.

Norway during WW2

Pictures and articles relating to Norway in the period between 1940-45.

Diving Eagle

Airborne operations and Ground Campaign’s of the Luftwaffe Fallschirmjäger 1940-1945.

Great German Generals

Website dedicated to German Generals.

The Battle of Arnhem 1944 – Monument Site

This site contains information about the monuments, which were established after the Battle of Arnhem.

11. Kompanie (gepanzert), 4. SS-Panzergrenadier Regiment "Der Führer", 2. SS Panzer Division "Das Reich"

Reenactors website from Texas and surrounding areas.

Archaelogy of the World War II

The detectorist and archaeologist of the World War II makes offer of the unique videoshots of excavations of the relics from the German, US and Russian army, founded during the last five years on the places of the fights in Europe and also in Russia!

Third Reich Factbook

Excellent resource for the info about the Third Reich.

Timeline of World War II

Detailed timeline from 1939 to 1945.

Das Deutsche Afrika-Korps

Great website about DAK in German.

Los Soldados Españoles del Tercer Reich

Website about Spanish volunteers in WWII German Armed Forces.

Lost Images of World War II

An Original World War II Photo Collection.

1st Waffen-PzDiv

Living History Group – Re-enacting in Australia.

Samoloty Wojskowe Swiata 1935-1945

Nieznane konstrukcje, prototypy, projekty i wiele innych.

Preserved Axis Aircraft

The aim of this site is to try to keep track of preserved Axis aircraft and projects aiming at preserving and restoring Axis aircraft.

Panzer Voran !

Le Magazine exclusivement réservé à l’étude des Wehrmacht !

Battles of Winter War

The epic battle between Finland and the Soviet Union.

Wehrmacht Rank Insignia

World War II German military rank insignia.

Historia de la Segunda Guerra Mundial 1939-1945

The History of the Second World War 1939-1945 in Spanish.

Traders of the Lost Surplus

World War II German Militaria.

Johnson Reference Books and Militaria

German Edged Weapons and Militaria.

Through Rommel’s Eyes

The story of the Afrika Korps as told by Field Marshal Erwin Rommel.

Axis Freiwillige

National Volunteer formations in Wehrmacht and Waffen-SS.

Georgi Konstantinovich Zhukov

Website about Georgi Konstantinovich Zhukov.

Green Devils Home Page

1st Fallschirmjager Division – WWII Living History Group.

Soldier and War

Bi-monthly magazine for the Military Historian/Reenactor and Wargamer.

The Battle of Britain

Battle of Britain Campaign Diary.

Blitzkrieg Online Homepage

Italian website about German armed forces in WW2.

The Flemish Legion Langemarck

Website of the Flemish Legion in English and Dutch.

Macnamara’s Militaria

This site is primarily concerned with the German Army of World War 2, however it branches out to other areas of modern conflagrations also.

Nederlanders in de Waffen-SS

Website about Dutch volunteers in Waffen SS (Dutch).

The WWII Sound & Image Archive

It’s an immense archive of over 20,000 audio, video & pictorial history media files, designed both to inspire and enhance the learning process.

Lexikon Der Wehrmacht

Nachschlagewerk der Waffen der deutschen Wehrmacht und der SS 1939-1945.

Kampfgruppe Medals & Badges

High Quality German World War II Militaria.

Panzer Prints

German Tanks from World War Two in Military Fine Art Prints.

Warfare Web

Your Search Ally.

Chained Dogs

The reenactor site of FG 200 Trupp of the WW2 German Feldgendarmerie.

The Wargames and Military History Search Engine

The Wargames and Military History Search Engine.

World War II Battles

Website about World War II Battles.


A short tour of Führerhauptquartier Wolfschanze in Poland.

The Third Reich in Ruins

Photos of historical sites associated with GermanyÂ’s Third Reich (1933-1945), both as they appeared while in use, and as the remains appear today.

Leibstandarte SS
Leibstandarte SS

World War II, a British Focus

Piloten Bunker

The aim of this site is to honor Every pilot of WW2.

The Russian Campaign 1941-1945

A photo diary by Otto Willnauer.


German Armed Forces from 1919 to 1945.

Mei 1940

Website with a lot of interesting WWII related links (Dutch & English language).

Comando Supremo: Italy at War 1940-1943

Italy at War 1940-1943.

Soviet Union Factbook

All about Soviet Union.

Places of World War II

A site with information about historical places of the Second World War.

1.SS Panzer Division Leibstandarte Leitseite

Website of WW II German reenactment unit.


Interesting website about Operation Barbarossa in French.

Eastern Front: 1941-1945

Website about the events on the Eastern Front: 1941-1945.

Alvin’s Wehrmacht Homepage – OstBattalion’43

Website about Asiatic soldiers of the Wehrmacht.

Andrew’s Page

Kalendarium II WS (Polish).

Michael Koenig’s Photographs

A Web site of World War II, U,S. and German tanks and soft skinned vehicles.


Information of interest regarding German soldiers in the Second World War.

Kampania Wrzesniowa 1939 by Bolas
Kampania Wrzesniowa 1939 by Bolas

juin 1944 : un vent de liberté

French website about Battle of Normandy in 1944.

The Battleship Bismarck

Website about the Battleship Bismarck.


An online history resource for the study of the German Wehrmachts (army), vehicles and tactics during WWII.

Waffen-SS Order of Battle

This website is about the Waffen-SS, the fourth branch of WWII Nazi Germany’s armed forces.


Russian/German Front 1941.


Polish-German Conflict 1939-1945 (in Polish).

Wehrmacht Awards and Decorations 1933-1945

This web site features articles and photographs of the Orders, Decorations and Medals received by the men of the Wehrmacht prior to and during World War II.


After just a few weeks since German invasion in the USSR thousands of Soviet citizens desired to serve in the German army… Welcome to Ostbataillon.


The premier site on the weapons and technology of both sides during the most destructive war in human history.


WWI & WWII German military music.


World War II Aviation History Research.

Afrika Files

Site about war in North Africa (English & French).

The Central Armed Forces Museum, Russia

The Central Armed Forces Museum, Russia.

The Romanian Army in WWII

The Romanian Army in WWII.

10. SS Panzer Division Frundsberg

World War II Living History Guild – German Reenactment Unit.

Militaria Collection

Military replicas of the Third Reich, the Fascist era and R.S.I (Italian 1922-1945).

Arms’ Collection

Firearm and weapon reproductions – all periods.


Spanish website about the Third Reich.

Finland at War

This page is my tribute to a man as well as to the country he fought for.

Stalingrad Military-Historical Club

Militaria collectors and historians from Russia.

War Museums In Europe
War Museums In Europe

The Sword of the Motherland Foundation

Russian Military History.

The British Army 1939-1945

British Army Equipment.

Polish Aviation History Page

All about Polish Aviation !

Kampania Wrzesniowa 1939

Polish website about the Polish Campaign in September of 1939.

45th Infantry Division

World War II Reenactors and Venturing Crew.

Dieppe to Berlin: A Nation at War

Website about Canada’s inovolvement in World War Two.

39 – 45 Association

The aim of the site will be to serve people with an interest in the Second Great War.

WWII Armour

WWII Armour Website.


Foreign volunteers in the German Army of WWII.


Colour photography of the German generals of the Third Reich.

World War 2 Pictures

World War 2 Pictures is the most complete collection of WWII pictures and photos available on the net.


Captured German War Records collection at the U.S. National Archives and Records Administration.

D-Day – Overlord

French website about fighting in Normandy.

Daten und Fakten über die Dienstalterslisten der Schutzstaffel der NSDAP

Dienstalterslisten (from 1934 until 1945) der Schutzstaffel(SS) der NSDAP.

RKKA in the World War II

Website about the role of the Soviet Army (RKKA) in the World War II.

World War II Link Page

Collection of links to various WWII related websites.

The Finnish Kev Os 4 Re-enactors Website

The Premier Site for Finnish Wartime Photos, Finnish Militaria, and Information about Finnish Reenacting!

Bund Deutscher Madel

History of League of German Girls – the female branch of the Hitler Youth.

The World War II Victory Museum

Museum displays more than 150 vehicles, hundreds of uniforms and weapons, and numerous personal items from World War II.

German War Booty

WWII Items for Sale.

Cobbaton Combat Collection

This military museum covers mostly World War Two, but with exhibits from the Boer War up to the Gulf War. – WWII Axis re-enactment

Community and information site for axis reenactors.

World War Two

Polish website about World War II.

German Helmet Walhalla

Forum about German helmets.


A collection of oral history and personal accounts from WW2 veterans of New Zealand’s armed forces. Includes personal stories from major theaters such as Greece, Crete, North Africa, Italy and the Pacific.


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