I would like to sincerely thank all the people that helped me to develop and improve this website with their suggestions, knowledge and in some cases even donations. Once again thanks for your support, it is always appreciated !
Special Thanks to:

Eric Peytavin, Canada

Marcin Tyrañski, Poland

Jörg Muth, Germany

Erling Groes-Petersen, Denmark

Marco Hoveling, Holland

Jim Richards of MAPLELAG, U.S.A

Markus Hofbauer, Germany

Michael Dickey, U.S.A

Jared Grimmer, U.S.A

Varga Tamás, Hungary

Thorleif Olsson, Sweden

Mike Koenig, U.S.A

Dmitry Pyatakhin, Russia

… and many others !



Special Thanks to Martin Spirit for
a new logo for "Achtung Panzer!" and "Bron Pancerna"!


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