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Materials listed here provided me with informations and pictures used to create this website. This website was created in order put all the informations available to me together, and to make them available to the people around the world. I have researched each vehicle, analyzing and correcting mistakes found in some publications and used all of those informations to create this website. I have also received and used informations and pictures from many people around the world along with those in my private collection. It is important to understand that this page was not made to bring me any kind of profit other than pleasure of receiving your e-mail.


Videos / DVDs


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Videos / DVDs

  • Battle for Russia.
    Battlefield Series - PBS.

  • Battle for Berlin.
    Battlefield Series - PBS.

  • Battle of the Rhine.
    Battlefield Series - PBS.

  • Battle for Italy.
    Battlefield Series - PBS.

  • Battle for Normandy.
    Battlefield Series - PBS.

  • Battle for Africa.
    Battlefield Series - PBS.

  • Battle for France.
    Battlefield Series - PBS.

  • Battle for Stalingrad.
    Battlefield Series - PBS.

  • Last Days of World War II.
    A&E Presentation.

  • Adolf Hitler.
    A&E Biography Series.

  • Erwin Rommel.
    A&E Biography Series.

  • Century of Warfare.
    The History Channel Series.

  • The Fields of Armor.
    The Discovery Channel Series.

  • The Valour and The Horror. In Desperate Battle: Normandy 1944.
    National Film Board of Canada.

  • The Unknown War.

  • Achtung Panzer! - German Tanks at War.
    Cromwell Military History.

  • World War II - Vol.I.
    Madacy Entartainment.

For more info about materials listed here contact George Parada.

George Parada